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Sales Rep: Christian Cloeter 509-770-4154
Agronomist: Terry Helms 208-312-7195
Nutritionist: John Anderson 763-360-2484
Seattle, WA (98060)

106 RM     104-107 Relative Maturity Range
High-yielding, widely adapted hybrid for a wide range of soil types and environments.
Consistent, high-yielding, widely adapted hybrid for wide range of soil types and environments.
Excellent roots and good stalk strength.
Consistent ear development and semi-flex ear style support performance at various plant densities.
Very good tolerance to Goss's wilt.
Hybrids With Same Base Genetics
In cotton-growing regions, a 20 percent structured refuge is required for Refuge Avanced, SmartStax and agrisure 3122.
A 50 percent refuge is required for first generation trait stacks.