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Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: Bill Sutliff 717-448-0612
Ashburn, VA (20146)
Better breeding, better hybrids
We bring more of the best corn hybrids to your fields faster. Our industry-leading corn genetics are paired with cutting-edge corn breeding technologies, such as dihaploid breeding and EXZACT™ Precision Technology​.
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Dihaploid corn breeding
The doubled haploid (dihaploid) process can save up to three years of development time compared with traditional corn breeding. These genetically pure plants are developed through a special cross-breeding and chemical process. Why does this process matter?
  • Brings higher-yielding corn hybrids to your fields faster by increasing breeding efficiency
  • Enhances the overall genetic improvement each year
  • Produces genetically uniform inbred lines that make parent seed and hybrid production more efficient​ 

dihaploid breeding process 

Bringing precision to genetic improvement
Dow AgroSciences EXZACTTM Precision Technology can cut development time by up to two years, increasing average on-farm yields faster than others in the industry. Why does EXZACT Precision Technology matter?​
  • Provides a versatile and comprehensive tool kit for targeted genome modification in plants
  • Allows scientists to specifically and efficiently add, edit or delete genes at targeted locations in plant genomes
  • Is useful for developing multigene stacks, editing native genes and more efficiently producing crops with enhanced plant performance and value-added traits, such as improved nutrition
Global research and breeding facilities
With more than 40 corn breeding facilities across 10 countries, we give you access to one of the industry’s largest collections of corn genetics. Mycogen® brand corn hybrids perform well in a variety of geographies and soil types. That means elite hybrids, with unique plant genetics and high-performing characteristics, are added to our portfolio every year.
map of global research and breeding facilities 
Grain Corn Breeding — Mycogen Seeds
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