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Achieving higher yield made easy
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No separate refuge required1
Mycogen® brand corn hybrids with Dow AgroSciences Refuge Advanced® powered by SmartStax® have all of the high-yielding power of our high-performance genetics and SmartStax technology in a single-bag refuge solution. Growers in the Corn Belt1 no longer need to plant separate structured refuge.1 Just dump the bag in the planter and go.
Drag the slider over the field to see how easy it is to plant Mycogen brand corn hybrids with Refuge Advanced. The refuge seed in the bag is automatically distributed throughout the field, preventing the formation of “hot spots” due to large clusters of refuge plants in one area.
Ensures refuge compliance in the Corn Belt
Refuge seed is automatically distributed throughout the field during planting along with SmartStax seed, ensuring refuge compliance on the acres where Mycogen brand corn hybrids with Refuge Advanced are planted. Without the need for separate structured refuge acres in the Corn Belt, refuge compliance is now easier than ever.
Refuge Advanced diagram.
Structured Refuge: Refuge compliance is more complicated with first-generation traits, putting the majority of the responsibility on the grower to ensure refuge acres meet stewardship requirements.
Refuge Advanced: Refuge Advanced makes refuge compliance easy. We take away the burden of planting separate refuge acres.
1In cotton-growing regions, a separate 20 percent structured refuge is still required for Refuge Advanced.
Experience Refuge Advanced® from Mycogen Seeds
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Convenient single-bag solution
Refuge Advanced is a true refuge-in-the-bag solution. A proprietary process is used to blend SmartStax seed with high-quality, agronomically comparable refuge seed. Save valuable time at planting with Refuge Advanced. No more cleaning the planter when switching to refuge seed. No need to buy a separate refuge hybrid. And no more of the hassles that come with planning and planting separate structured refuge acres.
Refuge in the bag compared with separate refuge
Refuge seed comparison
Comparable agronomics
Refuge Advanced - Mycogen Seeds
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