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Tips for harvesting and storing BMR corn silage

1. Harvest silage at proper corn silage moisture.

  • To ensure proper BMR fermentation and performance, follow these guidelines for harvesting corn silage:
BMR corn silage moisture recommendations

2. Monitor stalk quality.

  • Check for signs of stalk rot and harvest those fields first.

3. Chop at correct length.

  • Mycogen® brand BMR corn silage is digested and passes through the rumen more quickly because it contains less lignin than conventional corn silage.
  • Control the rate of passage by chopping
    BMR corn silage more coarsely.
  • Follow these chopping recommendations:
4. Adjust kernel processing.
  • BMR hybrids have moderately textured kernels, so less aggressive processing is needed when corn silage is at moisture levels of 68 percent or greater. Processing may be beneficial with advanced maturity and lower silage moisture levels.
  • Consult with your Mycogen Seeds representative and herd nutritionist to determine the best processing recommendations.
  • Check frequently throughout corn silage harvesting to monitor particle size and kernel quality.

  5. Ensure proper fermentation.

  • Store BMR hybrids only in bunkers, pits, silage bags or upright stave or concrete silos.
  • Segment BMR corn silage during storage, although it is OK to mix BMR with other forages in the ration.
  • Fill and pack structures properly for optimum fermentation.
  • Do not feed BMR corn silage until it has fermented for at least 45 to 60 days.



    Tips for harvesting and storing BMR corn silage - Mycogen Seeds
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