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Sales Rep: Joe Emanuele 724-261-9115
Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: John Brouillette 315-427-4741
Ashburn, VA (20146)

TMF Silage Corn is Bred for High Digestibility and High Silage Tonnage

Mycogen® brand TMF corn silage seed delivers:

  • Improved corn silage yield
  • Digestibility averaging 4 percent higher than conventional corn hybrids
  • Well-developed ears; long, wide leaves; and tall, strong stalks for more total dry matter
  • The latest trait technologies — including SmartStax™ for the broadest spectrum of insect control and reduced refuge requirements

Advice for Growing TMF Corn

  • Expert Mycogen Seeds agronomists and nutritionists can help producers grow and ensile TMF hybrids successfully
TMF growing in field
TMF Overview - Mycogen Seeds
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