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Sales Rep: Joe Emanuele 724-261-9115
Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: John Brouillette 315-427-4741
Ashburn, VA (20146)
The Mycogen Seeds Difference
There are plenty of seed companies out there. But just like seed, it’s what’s inside that makes all the difference. At Mycogen Seeds, that difference is in several factors that started out as — and remain the foundation of — what we were built upon.
The Experience
Nearly 30 years of it, to be exact. Our beginnings as a biotech company specializing in transgenic research taught us a thing or two — namely, the importance of innovation. It has resulted in us introducing the industry’s first corn hybrids resistant to European corn borer as well as breakthroughs in seed, genetics, trait integration and more.
The Product Performance
It is of the utmost importance. With some of the most advanced genetics, trait and ag chem technologies, as well as rigorous research, development and testing, our products are built to perform for whole-farm progress and profit. In our expansive portfolio, we offer:

The People 
Behind our products is our team of local experienced service and support professionals. They can help to maximize productivity and yield potential by addressing a variety of farming needs.

Seed dealers and sales representatives
With an in-depth knowledge of both our products and how they match up to your geography, our seed dealers and sales representatives can help to plan out each acre for maximum crop performance and profit potential

Agronomy services
With a wealth of knowledge on local agronomic situations, plot data tracking, planting and pest control, our Agronomy Services group can address a variety of agronomic conditions and concerns
Product development team
Our product development team consists of researchers and breeders who use a comprehensive development process to take seed and traits from concept all the way to launch. They also help with new product education for both dealers and customers.
Forage nutrition specialists
Rely on our veteran forage nutrition specialists for a greater understanding of growing, harvesting and storing silage corn. They’ll work directly with you, your veterinarian and your nutritionist to help maximize feed strategies.
The Backing of Dow AgroSciences
As an international leader in agriculture, Dow AgroSciences has been the driving force behind Mycogen Seeds since 1998. Through the years, our partnership has allowed us to devote even greater resources and enhance our capabilities — giving growers faster access to the latest hybrid, variety and trait advancements.
About Us - Mycogen Seeds
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