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Sales Rep: Joe Emanuele 724-261-9115
Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: Bill Sutliff 717-448-0612
Ashburn, VA (20146)
Industry-leading crop protection
Protect soybean acres from devastating weeds, insects and disease with leading crop protection products, including soybean herbicides, soybean insecticides and soybean fungicides from Dow AgroSciences.
Earn cash back on soybean purchases
Growers can earn a cash rebate when they purchase qualifying products from Dow AgroSciences. Talk to your local sales representative to learn about programs available in your area.
Grower Rewards
For more details, visit the Grower Rewards website.
Soybean herbicides
Yield-robbing weeds are no match for these soybean herbicides:
Sonic herbicide Surveil® Co-Pack Insecticide
Durango DMA FirstRate herbicide
Python WDG herbicide Duramax herbicide
Soybean insecticides
Reduce damage from soybean aphids, soybean spider mites, bean leaf beetles and other soybean insects by choosing:
Seeker Insecticide Cobalt Insecticide
Intrepid Edge insecticide Intrepid 2F insecticide
Intrepid Edge insecticide Lorsban Advanced Insecticide
Cobalt Advanced and Lorsban Advanced are federally Restricted Use Pesticides.
Soybean seed treatments
CruiserMaxx® Beans applied with Vibrance is a combination of an insecticide and fungicides. This seed care solution optimizes root health and protects soybeans from soybean aphids and seed- and soil-borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and seed rots.
CruiserMax Beans
Soybean Crop Protection — Mycogen Seeds
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