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Sales Rep: Joe Emanuele 724-261-9115
Agronomist: Travis Keene 717-327-3090
Nutritionist: Bill Sutliff 717-448-0612
Ashburn, VA (20146)
Increase opportunities for sunflower premiums
It's all about your bottom line. That's why our sunflower hybrids are engineered to bring more pounds per acre. You have higher profit potential because processors pay premiums for the high oil content found in Mycogen® brand sunflower hybrids.
Gain from the largest and most advanced breeding program in the U.S. sunflower industry. You can count on our team of local experts to help move your farm forward.
sunflower hybrid
"I planted five competitive varieties alongside Mycogen 8H288 sunflower hybrid, and nothing came close to the 45.6 percent oil content of Mycogen 8H288. It's a proven leader on my acres," says Clint "Boomer" Patterson of Bottineau, N.D.
Bringing more market versatility
Mycogen Seeds offers sunflower seeds for multiple market segments:
NuSun®: Stable oil with mid-oleic levels
High-oleic: Heart-healthy oil with zero trans fat
Confection: In-shell seeds used mostly for human consumption
Bird food 
Bird food: In-shell seeds used for bird feed, typically black-seed-oil type
Dehulling: Seeds that dehull easily, leaving just
the kernel
We breed several of our sunflower hybrids to fit more than one segment for more marketing opportunities.
Sunflower Overview - Mycogen Seeds
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