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Grain Corn


Since we co-developed the world’s first Bt corn, Mycogen Seeds has tackled some of the toughest challenges in agriculture. With the help of the latest trait technology and talented people, we provide grain corn hybrids with preferred performance characteristics and leading trait technologies. We’re in a great position to help unleash your farm’s potential for yield performance, quality and marketability.

Many growers agree. They share their experiences in the videos below.

With Mycogen Seeds, you’ll see that our people make the difference between potential and top performance. Our local experts, sales representatives and agronomists understand your acres and can help you when selecting, placing and planting grain corn hybrids.


Mycogen Seeds is one of only a few seed companies with global breeding capabilities and access to the latest trait technology — to bring breakthrough products to growers faster.

To make sure new grain corn hybrids are relevant for you, we tap into more than a century of seed breeding experience and decades of biotechnology development. Then we breed proprietary genetics with the agronomic characteristics that can make a real difference for you:

  • Top-end yield performance
  • Yield stability
  • Early season vigor
  • Stress tolerance
  • Disease resistance
  • Fast drydown
  • Test weight
  • Standability


We understand that the ultimate test is yield performance under conditions like yours.

We pressure-test Mycogen® brand hybrids, annually gathering extensive data on how they perform under different conditions and management levels in more than 1 million plots across 300 U.S. testing environments.

US Corn Testing

Our local experts use this data to more precisely characterize our corn hybrids to place the right products on your acres. Check out the performance of Mycogen® brand corn hybrids in grower plots near your farm or head-to-head results.


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